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Man Stage 8 and Woman Stage 8

Only very few people can stand the heat from a 2.200.000 SHU Chili! Very few! This stage is about transpersonality and you really have to transcend your Ego in order to be able to digest these energy levels. You don’t have any personal relationship to your qualities and skills any more. You are just doing what you have to do because it feels natural. If you can let totally go of your Ego, you will experience the famous but very rare Chili Bliss State (CBS) and you will probably be singing Heaven Can Wait all the way to the next Chili shop. This is a very spiritual experience and it will transform your life from dull and struggling to energetic bliss and happiness beyond any perception.

At this stage couples often starts to experiment with Tantric Chili Eating. It is a kind of extremely slow motion Chili eating that will last several days.

You no longer eat Chili in order to perform or prove your selv. You do it to help other people on the Hot Chili Path to experience Eternal Hot Love. You have become a true master.

Relationships at this stage will relate to the entire world and you will live in Hot Harmony with other human beings.

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