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Man Stage 8 and Woman Stage 6

This combination is relatively functioning. The man at the Turquoise stage could act as mentor to the woman at the Green stage and she will have something genuine to look up to – if she is open to higher stages of development.

The challenge is to raise the woman to Stage 7 or 8. This woman needs a man that is more masculine than her and that would be a Man at at Stage 7 or 8, but they are extremely rare. She will probabably go for a Man at Stage 5 and they will for sure sweep her off her legs. Since the woman is very rational and the Man is a true Chili Master, she has a great opportunity to enter Stage 7 and 8. She needs to relax into her feminine sides again and to let go of control. She is extremely lucky she has a Stage 8 man at hand!

This combination i perfect for lovers, friendship and mentoring.

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