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Man Stage 6 and Woman Stage 6

Women at this stage are very strong and can do everything themselves, while men are more relaxed. At this stage women has almost become addicted to Chili with pretty high SCU’s. Green men tend to be too relaxed and this causes the woman to explode in hot Chili SCU’s as she need her daily Chili.

These women has a lot of power and they want partners with the same level of power and it is very frustrating that men at this stage has become so relaxed that they are almost uninteresting. It is hard for a woman at this stage to find a match and she will very often go down in SHU’s to find a temporary match at a lower stage. And this doesn’t work very well either.

The man on this stage should go back to the previous stage and repeat his Chili training in order to rise fully to the next level!

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