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Man Stage 4 and Woman Stage 4

A mundane relationship almost like our grandparents where the man is the provider of Chili with almost medium strength Heat Units and the woman is homegoing and supportive in his job or business. She loves eating them – primarily because he buys them and she doesn’t want to disapoint him.

As long as both agree to this roleplay everything should work out even though they can be very different. At this stage women starts to feed other people’s children with Chili and if they survive she goes on to her own. They have to learn that sooner or later in order to be well functioning when they grow up. The danger on this stage is that men tends to go on to the next stage to achieve yet more power and energy, while women don’t and this will of course cause incompatibility in SHU’s. This will harm the relationship and you will both have to find another partner.

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