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Man Stage 3 Woman Stage 3

This is the perfect half man half woman half Chili relationship. You need each other and are very codependent. He is an alpha male and she is a beta female. Perfect sexual match but a terrible emotional and mental match. She has a lot of emotions and he can’t understand them. He is a man of action and she is a woman of emotions. Typical Bad Boy/Nice Girl.

Men on this stage are slowly getting used to chili with low Heat Units and this is what gives him his power. His goals are short-term and he will most likely never get used to a burning hot life in company with Chili. She depends on him as she needs a provider because she can’t find Chili by her self.

This relationship has low moral standards and infidelity is common to both sides and the Chill Out factor is very low – unless you learn to consume Chili with a higher hot factor!

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